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What kind of problems do people bring to relationship counselling?

 People bring a variety of issues such as-

  • Poor communication/arguments

Are you stuck in a pattern of having the same old arguments which are never really resolved? Each partner can then feel frustrated, angry and isolated. Learn how to improve communication – it’s not just about speaking, it’s also about listening and feeling heard.

  • Lack of sex/intimacy

A dwindling sex life often results from other problems in the relationship causing resentment of each other.  Dealing with these problems can help renew intimacy.  However, for specific sexual difficulties, we can refer you to a qualified Psychosexual Therapist.

  • Life events

Major life changes such as births, new jobs, children leaving home, redundancy, ill health, retirement etc can affect each partner differently.  Relationship counselling can help the couple talk through, understand and cope better with such events.

  • Changes in the relationship/family

Counselling can help to deal with difficult feelings arising from changes in relationships due to separation, divorce or sadly death, or adjusting to new stepfamilies.  Stepfamilies in particular can bring their own specific problems as each person adjusts to the new family.

  • Recovering from an affair

Affairs often result in feelings of betrayal and loss of trust from which the relationship may not recover.  However, many relationships do survive an affair. Counselling can help the couple work through what caused the affair and to build a new relationship for the future.

  • Loss

We often face loss in our lives from actual events such as bereavements, redundancy, health etc, but also perceived or unacknowledged losses eg hopes, dreams, missed opportunities. Again, counselling can help you to explore, accept and move on from losses in your life.

  • Drifting apart

Pressures of daily life often mean couples have little time or energy to focus on their relationship and can end up feeling as if they are drifting apart.  Counselling can help you to explore what’s changed and think about how you can get your relationship back on track.

How does Relationship Counselling help?

  • It offers a safe place to discuss your feelings and experiences in your relationship with a specially trained counsellor who will not judge you, take sides or tell you what to do.  Counselling is often the first step towards doing something different to solve your problems.

  • It gives you time to really talk and listen to each other – when was the last time you did that together?  Your counsellor will help you to make sense of what has been happening.

  • Each partner may have different hopes or goals for the relationship and it is not our aim to try to “save” all relationships.  By talking through your problems, you can explore all your options, then decide together what you want for the relationship going forward.


Is it confidential?

Yes, however there are a few limitations to confidentiality which the counsellor will explain.

How much does it cost?

Individual relationship counselling - £40 per session
Couple counselling - £50 per session

Block bookings of 6 sessions in advance with a 10% discount also available.


  • If you have to cancel or rearrange a counselling appointment, please telephone 01592 744096 giving at least 24 hours’ notice. Otherwise you may be charged, as will appointments missed without notice.

  • Any refund of unused block bookings will comprise the difference between the total paid and sessions already taken (charged at full price).

How many sessions will I need?

As with other types of counselling, some people need just a few sessions, others more depending on the nature of the problem/s.

Sessions normally take place weekly and each session lasts 50 min to 1 hour. However, appointments can be flexible to take account of work and/or financial circumstances

How do I book an appointment?

Appointments are usually available Mon – Thursday, daytime and evening, other days by arrangement.

Please contact Liz Marley:-

Telephone: 01592 744096
Mobile: 07876 688747