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Nu-Leaf Programme

Nu-Leaf is different from other weight loss programmes because:-

It’s not about what you eat – it’s about WHY you eat too much!

  • Nu-Leaf will help you to understand how and why your thoughts and feelings influence your behaviour with food.  This is the emotional part that people often struggle with at first but, once you work it out, you can then think about the changes you want to make with food.

You are unique!!

  • Nu-Leaf is not a “one-size fits all” like most diets or weight loss programmes.  Instead, it is adaptable because everyone is different and so are people’s reasons for overeating.  Because of this, you decide what your goals will be and what you want to achieve.  This may vary from wanting to lose a certain amount of weight to liking or accepting yourself more.

Nu-Leaf is not yet another diet!

  • The well-known weight loss companies are always coming up with new approaches promising quick and easy ways to help you lose weight fast.  Well, if they were really successful, why would they need to do this?  The truth is that diets fail people, not the other way round. 

  • The problem is that, because they are telling you what to do, they are in charge. You have to be very disciplined to follow their rules and often end up feeling hungry, deprived and obsessing about food all the time.  It is hard work and, once you stop the programme, you revert to your old habits and put the weight back on. How many times has this happened to you? In fact, 97% of people who diet put the weight back on (and often more!)

Food is not your enemy - end the battle for good!

  • Instead of punishing yourself every time you overeat, learn to be kind to yourself!  Nu-Leaf will help you to take back control of your relationship with food over time. There are no good, bad or forbidden foods, no calorie counting, no points to remember, no embarrassing weigh-ins.  It does not promise fast results – instead, it’s about learning to understand your emotional triggers around food and developing a sensible, healthy relationship with food over the long term in tune with your body.

How much does it cost?

Nu-leaf costs £40 per session lasting one hour each. Think about how much money you have spent in the past on diets, special foods, drinks and supplements, slimming groups etc that didn’t work for long - it’s a good investment in your future!
(Six sessions with 10% discount are also available).

How many sessions will I need?

The Nu-leaf programme comprises 6 – 10 sessions. It is flexible because some sections will be more relevant to some people than others. However, a minimum of 6 is usually required.

How do I book an appointment?

Appointments are usually available Mon – Thursday, daytime and evening, other days by arrangement.

Please contact Liz Marley:-

Telephone: 01592 744096
Mobile: 07876 688747
Email: liz@laurelcounselling.co.uk